Date: January 30th, 1974
Type: Boeing 707-321B
Registration: N454PA
Operator: Pan American World Airways
Where: Boston, Pago Pago (USA)
Report No.: (NTSB-AAR-77-7)
Report Date: -
Pages: -

This is not an accident investigation report.

PROBABLE CAUSE: "The flightcrew's late recognition, and failure to correct in a timely manner, an excessive descent rate which developed as a result of the aircraft's penetration through destabilizing wind changes. The winds consisted of horizontal and vertical components produced by a heavy rainstorm and influenced by uneven terrain close to the aircraft's approach path. The captain's recognition was hampered by restricted visibility, the illusory effects of a "blackhole" approach, inadequate monitoring of flight instruments, and the failure of the crew to call out descent rate during the last 15 seconds of flight." (NTSB-AAR-77-7)