Date: October 28th, 1996
Type: MD82
Registration: -
Operator: American Airlines
Where: JFT International Airport, New York
Report No.: Not Available
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This is not an accident investigation report.

At about 22:31 EST, American Airlines flight 346, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82 aircraft, N244AA, landed nose gear up at JFK International Airport, New York.
Visual meteorological conditions existed. There were 93 occupants; 1 passenger received serious injuries, and 2 passengers received minor injuries. The aircraft received minor damage. The departure point was Chicago, Illinois. The original destination was LaGuardia Airport, New York. The flight was operated under 14 CFR Part 121.
The flight was inbound to land at LGA on runway 31 when the flight crew received an unsafe nose gear indication. A low approach was made at LGA for ground personnel to visually determine the nose gear position, which they were unable to confirm as being down. The flight crew decided to divert to JFK where a landing was made on runway 31R and subsequently an emergency evacuation was performed. The injuries were incurred during the evacuation. The serious injury consisted of fractured bones of the ankle and foot.
Preliminary examination of the aircraft revealed the nose landing gear upper lock link, P/N 3914464-503, was fractured in two pieces. The linkage jammed against the shock strut structure, preventing extension of the strut. Metallurgical examination of the link to determine the failure mode is scheduled. NTSB Identification NYC97LA009
Aircraft is s/n 49256, l/n 1158, delivered to AA Sept 1984 with JT8D-217 engines, MTOW of 67,812 kgs / 149,000 lbs., configured in F14/Y125, and with a TTSN / TCSN as of Dec 1995 of 34,206 hrs / 19,743 ldg