Date: July 27th 1981
Type: Boeing DC-9
Registration: XA-DEN
Operator: Aeromexico
Where: Chihuahua, Mexico
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This is not an accident investigation report.

Aeromexico DC-9, registration number: XA-DEN, crashed at Chihuahua, Mexico causing the death of 32 passengers


Aeromexico’s DC-9 named “Yucatan” was on schedule flight 230 between the Mexican cities of Monterrey and Tijuana the afternoon on July 27, 1981, due the strong winds and the rain the plane got off the runway on Chihuahua’s airport.
The plane split and a fire begun, causing the death of 32 passengers. At the time that all was confusion, Miguel Angel Garcia, an engineer who lived in Hermosillo followed the emergency steps and just before opening the emergency exit, pulled the hand of a 9 year old child and jumped together over the wing and the ground. 32 passengers could leave the plane, but the smoke and the fire caused the death of the remaining 32 aboard in a few minutes.

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