Date: September 25th, 1998 (GMT)
Type: BAE-146
Registration: EC-GEO
Operator: Paukn Air
Where: Nador; nr (Morocco)a
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This is not an accident investigation report.

MADRID, Spain -- A plane carrying 38 people crashed into a hillside in Morocco today while flying from the southern Spanish port of Malaga to North Africa, a state news agency said.

Spanish state radio quoted unnamed Moroccan officials as saying there were no survivors. The report could not be independently confirmed.

The 86-seat plane, a British-built BAE 146, belonged to a Spanish charter airline called Pauknair, the state news agency EFE said.

The plane was carrying 34 passengers and a crew of four from Malaga to Melilla, a tiny Spanish enclave located on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco.

State radio said the plane was preparing to land when it crashed about 12 miles from Melilla. Visibility at Melilla airport was poor, the news agency said.

The wreckage was spotted by a Spanish air force plane as part of a rescue mission that included helicopters and ships.

Spanish radio said most of the passengers were Spanish Civil Guards stationed in Melilla.

The plane crashed into a hill some 10kms from its destination Melilla in an aera of rugged terrain called Cap des Trois Fourches.