Date: February 25th, 1964
Type: DC-8
Operator: Eastern Airlines
Where: Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans
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Eastern Airlines DC-8, Flight 304 crashed into Lake Pontchartrain on February 25, 1964 killing all 58 passengers and crew on board. The Lake is located near New Orleans. The flight began in Mexico City and its final destination was National Airport in Washington DC.

The Eastern Airlines DC-8 crash into Lake Ponchartrain was one of the upsets before they increased their climb speeds. A similar upset occured out of Houston Hobby but they recovered. The pullout from the dive was so severe one of the engines came off and the airframe was badly warped. They landed at Barksdale at Shreveport due to the long runway and emergency equipment available. The landing was successful.

The map below shows the location of the Eastern Airlines DC-8 crash site 25/02/1964.