Date: November 24th, 1985
Type: 737-266
Registration: SU-AYH
Operator: Egypt Air
Where: Malta-Luqa (Malta)
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This is not an accident investigation report.

On November 23, at 19.35h the EgyptAir Boeing 737 was hijacked by 3 men. The Egyptian security guard who was onboard shot and killed one of the hijackers before being shot and wounded himself, along with two flight attendants. Although the hijackers demanded to be flown to Tunesia or Libya, they agreed to land at Malta for refuelling were it landed at 21.15h. At Malta, the two wounded cabin crew members were released, along with 11 women. Because Maltese authorities refused to refuel the plane unless all passengers were released, the hijackers threatened to kill a passenger every 10 minutes. A total of 5 additional people were shot and thrown off the aircraft, two of them were killed. After 22 hours of negotiation the plane was stormed by Egyptian forces. In the fight which followed handgranades wer thrown into the passenger cabin, causing a fire.
Source: Aircraft hijackings and other criminal acts against civilaviation : statisctics and narrative reports / FAA