Date: December, 22nd 1992
Type: McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30F
Registration: RWY 11
Operator: Martinair
Where: Faro, Portugal USA
Report No.: report nr.22/Accid/GD1/92
Report Date: -
Pages: -

reference: report nr.22/Accid/GD1/92 from the Portugese Government

PH-MBN McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30F Martinair Holland 21.12.92 Faro, Portugal, non-scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam/Schiphol to Faro, occupants: 3 cockpit- crew, 10 cabincrew, 327 passengers, accident occured at 07:33:20 UTC.

describtion: During an approach to runway 11 at Faro, an active thunderstorm formation was approaching the airport. The aircraft crossed a micro-burst situation with heavy showers. Because of windshear a high rate of descent occured in final phase of approach and landing. The landing on the left hand side of RWY 11 was made on the right landing gear, which exceeded the structural limitations of the aircraft. The right hand landing gear fractured, followed by the separation of the right wing from the fuselage, starting a rotation of the aircraft along its longitudinal axis. It slid to the right and off the RWY and broke into two main sections. The back section caught fire and exploded some minutes after it came to rest. 56 people killed, 106 serious injured.