Date: July, 20th 1935
Type: Douglas DC-2-115E
Registration: PH-AKG
Operator: KLM
Where: Pian San Giacome, Tessin, Swiss.
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PH-AKG Douglas DC-2-115E KLM, aircraft named "Gaai". 20.07.35 Pian San Giacome (Swiss) on a scheduled flight Milan (Italy)-Frankfurt (Germany)- Amsterdam (Netherlands).

describtion: The aircraft came in heavy showers and a thunderstorm over Swiss. The captain was forced to land the aircraft due to wing icing. It flew from the South into the Moesa-valley, where it circled for about 15 minutes in order to find a place to land. Finally the captain descided to make a belly-landing with flaps out. The landing failed because of low clouds, and the aircraft crashed into trees on a slope near Pian San Giacome, Tessin, Swiss. It was destroyed, all 3 flightcrew, 1 cabincrew and 9 passengers were killed.

reference: RLD (the Dutch CAA).