Date: Septermber 15th, 1988
Type: B737-260
Registration: ET-AJA
Operator: Ethiopian Airlines
Where: Bahar Dar; 10km SW (Ethiopia)
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This is not an accident investigation report.

During take-off, just past VR, at a speed of 146kts, the 737 collided with a flock of pigeons (Columba Guinea). Both engines ingested a number of birds, which resulted in a rise in engine temparature on climbout and the engines backfiring at 100-200ft. The crew made a right turn to return to airport with the EGT readings at the top extreme. On base leg at 7100ft amsl with 190kts, both Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17A engines backfired & flamed out. A wheels-up crashlanding was made. The aircraft caught fire. The aircraft had been delivered on October 29, 1987 and had accumulated just 1377hrs flying time and 1870 cycles. PROBABLE CAUSE: " The accident occurred because the airplane could not be safely returned to the runway after the internal destruction and subsequent failure of both engines to operate arrising from multiple bird ingestion by both engines during take-off." Engine failure due to ingestion of 10-16 Columba Guinea birds (apprax. 320 grams each). Source: ICAO Circular 260-AN154 (52-87); Focus on commercial aviation safety - issue 19 (summer 1995)