Date: June 12th, 1972
Type: DC-10
Operator: American Airlines
Where: Windsor, Ontario
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This is not an accident investigation report.

On June 12, 1972, the cargo door blew off an American Airlines DC-10 over Windsor, Ontario, taking one person with it, this became known as the "Windsor" incident. Bryce McCormick, the Captain, landed the damaged aircraft at Detroit when the cargo door blew damaging the floor along with vital control wires to the tail of his DC-10. Captain McCormick had taken the extraordinary precaution of learning to fly the DC-10 under the circumstances of a total hydraulic system failure. By the end of his course he could land the plane, on the simulator, using only the throttles applied to the different engines, at technique called differential thrust steering. With a frozen rudder, one partially operating elevator on the right he had to use all his skills acquired on the simulator to land the aircraft. Link to similar incident on 3rd March 1974