Date: August 9th, 1995
Type: B737-2H6
Registration: N125GU
Operator: Aviateca
Where: Mt. Chichontepec vulcano (El Salvador)
Report No.: Not Available
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This is not an accident investigation report.

Flight GUG901 (Miami-Guatemala City-San Salvador-Managua-San Jose) encountered bad weather (heavy rain, thunderstorms) while approaching San Salvador. The crew therefor diverted off Airway G346 to avoid the thunderstorms. The aircraft should then have passed overhead the airport and turn right downwind for an ILS approach to Runway 07. There seemed to be some confusion as to the positon of the ... positioned for an ILS approach to San Salvador Runway 07 at 20.00h LT. In heavy rain, the aicraft struck the Mt. Chinchontepec volcano (2181m high) at an altitude of 1800m.