Date: December 7th, 1983
Type: 727-256
Registration: EC-CFJ
Operator: Iberia
Where: Madrid-Barajas (Spain)
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Collision With

Type: DC-9-32
Registration: EC-CGS
Operator: Aviaco
Where: Madrid-Barajas (Spain)
This is not an accident investigation report.

Aviaco DC-9 EC-CGS taxied out for take-off in heavy fog (approx. 300m visibility) for a flight to Santander. The aircraft inadvertently taxied onto the active Runway 01. At that exact same moment an Iberia Boeing 727 (EC-CFJ) was taking off and was at or near the V1 speed when the crew noticed the DC-9 in front of them. They unsuccesfully tried to take evasive action; The 727's left wing and left maingear were torn off in the collision. Both aircraft caught fire and burned out. PROBABLE CAUSE: "The unexpected encroachment of the DC-9 on runway 01/19 while the B727 was performing its takeoff manoeuvre. The Dc-9 was on the flight runway because visibility conditions due to fog in the area where the aircraft was taxiing, prevented the crew from obtaining adequate visual reference to determine that this was not the correct way to reach the end of Runway 01."
Source: Aviation Disasters / D. Gero (p. 179)