Date: October 2nd, 1990
Type: B737-247
Registration: B-2510
Operator: Xiamen Airlines
Where: Guangzhou-Baiyun Apt (China)
Report No.: Not Available
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This is not an accident investigation report.

Flight 8301 took off from Xiamen at 06.57 for a flight to Guangzhuo. Shortly after take-off a man entered the cockpit, telling the crew he had 7kg of explosives strapped to his body forcing the crew to fly to Taiwan or Hong Kong. All cockpit crewmembers had to leave the cockpit, with the captain remaining in his seat. The captain tried to fool the hijacker by circling for 30 minutes before approaching Guangzhou, telling the man he was going to land at Hong Kong. In the final phase of the approach a struggle took place in the cockpit. The Boeing touched down hard, clipped a parked China Southwest B707 (B- 2402) and then struck teh left wing and top fuselage of a China Southern B757 (B-2812) which was waiting for take-off clearance.